The Best Keychain Pepper Spray is the One She Actually Carries

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Andi Atteberry
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It’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t been gifted a pepper spray keychain by her dad, husband, or brother. But all too often we hear that she’s misplaced it, or it’s buried in her purse… which begs the question - what is the best keychain pepper spray for her to have? Our answer: the best keychain pepper spray is the one that she actually wants to carry.


Sure there are all types of keychain pepper sprays available but not all are created equal when it comes to engaging a girly-girl in her personal safety.That’s why we think the best keychain pepper spray is the one that looks the cutest and packs the biggest punch.That’s why we’ve married looks and functionality into the design of the best keychain pepper spray for women on the market.


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Some have glitter, some have rhinestones, some have studs, but ALL have max strength, police-grade pepper spray that is as strong as the law allows. Of course, you’d never know just looking at them how powerful they are; which is exactly why they are the best keychain pepper spray option for her.And they clip to the outside of your handbag. I know that every time I venture across a dark parking lot alone, I have my hand on my pepper spray keychain.I know exactly where it is and I know how to use it.

This all started because my dad used to bring home keychain pepper sprays from his local car wash.  It was either in an ugly black case or sometimes he’d grab one in Pepto-Bismol pink. But it was forgettable.


And so I never carried it.  Or I threw it in my glove box thinking I’d actually be able to get to it (not).

I decided that the best keychain pepper spray option was to make it look like an on-trend boutique accessory – and now we have our complete line of sparkly, powerful keychain pepper sprays in retailers across the country!


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