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How to Shop For Pepper Spray When All You Want to Do Is Stay Home

News flash: do not get up. I repeat, remain in your comfy pants. How to shop for pepper spray is a common question. It’s sorta random and hard to find in retail stores. Seems like you always see it in the store when you aren’t looking for it, then of course when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found. 

  • Did I see it at the hardware store? 
  • Or was it at my car wash? 
  • Or was it at the convenience store at Christmas?

It’s just one of those things that aren’t important until it is!  And so the search begins. Of course, then you ask:

  • What am I looking for?
  • What does all this text on the packaging even mean
  • Is there a wrong brand or model to buy?

Luckily the power of the internet lets you compare quickly and efficiently, but you gotta know what to look for.


We know that when anyone is wondering how to shop for pepper spray, there are a few key things to consider. One is the strength or effectiveness of the actual pepper spray formulation. Another being the size that fits the end user. And finally, how does it look? How to shop for pepper spray is about all these things equally.


Just like any product, there are good, better, and best formulations of pepper spray; meaning some are hotter and more likely to deter and incapacitate an attacker than other weaker formulas. Always look for a formulation that is 10% OC (that’s short for oleoresin capsicum or hot pepper extract). That’s generally the hottest formula allowed by law in most states.

There's a lot to creating the perfect effective non-lethal formula.

Have you ever cut spicy peppers then rubbed your eyes?


Another one is the canister size. The smaller, more compact pepper sprays are perfect for girls on the go, while larger units are better to keep by the front door for home security or for fending off bears.

Too small, and prone to more accidents.

Too big, I mean I know that fanny packs are back in but can you imagine this bad boy on it 😂.

JUST RIGHT, our pepper sprays are the perfect carrying size for every person!


And finally, is it cute enough to always be carrying it? Being the owner of blingsting, I gotta ask. We know that if girls love their pepper spray, they are more likely to carry it and not shove it in the junk drawer. We like things in nice packages!

the cutest pepper spray on the market

Side Piece

                         Black Studded with                           Gold Keychain and Charm.


                         Mink Rhinestone with                          Silver Keychain and Charm.

Trophy Wife

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Andi Atteberry
CEO of blingsting

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