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Oh You Trendy?

Are Pepper Spray Keychains for Women the Handbag Trend of 2019?

Andi Atteberry
Blingsting CEO, Champagne Lover, Baxter's Mom.

If you’ve shopped at a department store or boutique lately, then you’ve seen them.  Racks and racks of “purse candy”. There isn’t much that isn’t being used to dress up handbags - everything from raccoon tails, silk scarves, to $200 designer logo charms, hand sanitizer and yes, even pepper spray keychains!  





Those would be our (blingsting) pepper spray keychains BTW. It’s funny because when I started designing my products so many years ago, I never knew that purse charms would be a ‘thing’. I was simply designing pepper spray keychains that were to be worn as bag charms because I figured that would be the only way to make them easy to find and access at a threatening moment’s notice.

Your pepper spray keychain does you no good if it’s buried in the bottom of your huge a$$ purse. I mean how many times have you gone to find your lip gloss in your purse and wasted minutes of your life trying to get to it?

Great thing is that it the idea to wear the important stuff on the outside of your bag wasn’t a bad one. Turns out women love adding some sparkle to their handbags with our pepper spray keychains that come in all sorts of colors like rose gold, black, hot pink, and mint green. 

So while not only can you use the blingsting pepper spray keychain as an actual keychain, the lobster clasp makes it super-easy to clip on the hardware of your favorite purse. I also keep my pepper spray keychains on my laptop bag and dog leash because they are so easy to take on and off whatever.


And the great thing is our pepper spray keychain charms not only look super-cute, but they are packed with serious, max strength pepper spray strong enough to disable an attacker. Win-win.

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